hewwoo!!! i am beck. i am a gay trans boy and my pronouns are he/him! my birthday is sept 16, and i live in canada. i absolutely adore my boyfriend, and we've been together since july 28 2015. i look like THIS... if u are curious. my favourite things people have called me include "vaporwave memeboy" and "some autistic fake trans fuck". i am mentally ill and it effects the way i communicate with others, but i dont really want to talk about it. please be patient! i am a furry and i love my fursona. he is beckpup! you can learn all you need to know about him HERE!! if you want to draw him, go for it. i love my boy and i love everyones art of him.

my hobbies include hunting, scuba diving, collecting stuff, drawing, coding, and graphic design, all of which im very passionate about!! i also really like cars, hawaii, and the general 80s aesthetic. i have a lot of favourite things but my top favourite show is twin peaks, my favourite band are the weakerthans, and my favourite animals are shibas, hyenas, and moths.

i really love talking to people and making friends, altho i might not be very good at it ^_^' . dont be afraid to talk to me! HERE are some places you can contact me

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